Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunday, May 29, 2011

1. Sunset over the "Mighty Mississip" this evening.

2. Nauvoo Temple, standing on the hill like a giant frosted wedding cake

3. Elder Karn coming out of this evening's zone conference

4. Sister Karn demonstrating candle making at the Family Living Center today (candles were made of tallow not wax!)

5. Elder Karn demonstrating rope making at the Family Living Center today

Every week brings new skills and experiences. We have been assigned some new places. Our days are full. Probably one of the most exciting things is that we opened our new show, "Sunset by the Mississippi" last night on the outdoor stage. The audience seem to love it.

As far as the Mississippi goes, we aren't seeing any flooding here and everything is fine. We get some wild thunderstorms. We had night in the middle of the day today. The street lights came on and it was dark! We have a weather alert radio that comes on and warns us of tornado warning when we are home. The city of Nauvoo has a tornado siren and we all have assigned areas to go to in the event of a tornado.

We have had some wonderful visitors; friends from around the country come and visit us. A visit to Nauvoo is worthy every effort.

This weekend we are thinking of all those who served their country and defended freedom. And we remember those who serve today.

Elder and Sister Karn