Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The summer schedule is in place tomorrow where work shifts are longer and time between work and performing in the shows is minimal. We will be stuffing sandwiches in our mouths and gulping water during that time. Costume changes will be even quicker. We will both learn something more about speed there, although Elder Karn has speed down to a science already!

Just in case you are interested there are 5 different categories of missionaries here: the senior couple or senior sister site missionaries, including us (tour guides), NRI (maintenance and repair) missionaries (most wives are also site type), young sister missionaries, young performing missionaries (ages 18-25) who are here for summer only, and the temple missionaries. I don't know exactly how many the total is but it has to be more than 250. That is a lot of people to manage for one mission president. That is also a lot of residences to provide and manage, even though we all pay a reasonable rent they cover all utilities except phone and internet. All missionaries are volunteers and pay their own living expenses. I am guessing the young performers and the sisters pay a "standardized" monthly rate for all expenses and that it is probably less than what the seniors pay. Our rent $575 monthly. We find that reasonable considering the space. I have included photos of our little red brick home. Since this photo, I have planted some flowers in place of the weeds out front.

We saw the young performers in action on stage with us this past week. They are incredibly talented in voice, instrument, dance, etc. In order to perform in Nauvoo they must first audition for their participation and also support themselves. And they love what they do! I am convinced. Most of them are "performance" majors at universities. They are also full time missionaries and must obey all mission rules.

Everyone here is so fun to work with and get to know. And everyone has a story of some kind that makes us better for having known them.

We are still missing family, especially grandchildren. My greatest blessings call me "Grandma".

Love to all,

Elder & Sister Karn