Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sometimes there are little things in life that really strike a chord in us. And there are little things that serve as reminders for us. This week I would like to tell you about one little thing that serves as a reminder for me. A couple of months ago I was in a meeting where one of our leaders talked about the importance we all can be to someone in need. It was a great short talk and at the end of it he passed out a "Lifesaver" mint wrapped in clear plastic to each one of us to remind us to be "lifesavers" to those around us. Some folks opened their lifesaver and started enjoying them. Mine has remained unwrapped in my scripture case.

Every time I open my scriptures I see the lifesaver and am reminded again of the lesson and two thoughts that I gained from it. First, the scriptures and the Gospel of Jesus Christ are "lifesavers" for me. They have been my lifesavers when I have struggled through difficult days and they have been my joy and hope in every day. Just seeing that lifesaver reminds of the importance of the scriptures. Second, every day when I open my scriptures to read I am reminded that I have a responsibility to be a "lifesaver" myself. We never know what difference we might make in a life if we just have a little sweetness in our words. As I think about the folks in my life that have made the most difference I can only think of kind words and actions that made a positive difference. It seems the old saying, "Advice is like snow, the softer it falls the longer it dwells and the more it sinks in" is so true.

Our mission has been a time to just be there for others. We have been blessed only because we were serving others. The world has not been changed dramatically by our time away from loved ones but there have been those sweet moments when our being here has been of benefit to others. Perhaps to someone some place we have served as a bit of a "lifesaver" and helped them. One of the briefest descriptions of the Savior's ministry is "he went about doing good". What a wonderful thing if in time the same could be said of all of us - we went about doing good.

Is a "mission" the only place we can "go about doing good"? It would be crazy to think that. As the song says, "there are opportunities all around right now". One of the teachers in one of the lessons I attended today shared a quote he had heard and it said something like this. "Rush is the enemy of a spiritual life." Too often we are led away from the "spiritual life" and even the Spirit itself because we are in too big a rush to hear or feel the Spirit. Or some times we believe we are under too much pressure to "go about doing good". How much time does it take to do good? Probably we would all be surprised to learn that it takes no more time to do good than it does to race through life. Today while walking across the cultural hall I saw a broken piece of candy cane and its wrapper on the floor. I stopped and picked it up and on my way to where I was going I dropped it in a trash can. I would guess the total time added to my walk was two to three seconds. It hadn't taken much time and I could spare that much. Later while walking almost the same path I noticed another piece of the candy cane on the floor about ten feet from where I had spotted the first piece. Leaving the job unfinished didn't make much sense so I went over and picked it up and dropped it in another trash can on the course I was now headed. Certainly the entire pickup job had been done in ten seconds. Those few seconds saved people getting the candy stuck on their shoes and long periods of time cleaning it up from all over the building for a custodian. "Going about doing good" is simply doing things that need to be done and making life better for others. Many will never know that we did some thing good or anything that helped them but that is okay. The point is that we did something good and all good benefits someone, somewhere, some time. It is sweet to do good for others. Thank goodness for the "lifesavers" in life.

We wish all of you well.
May the scriptures be your "lifesavers".
May you be a "lifesaver" to others.
And may it ever be said of you that you "went about doing good".


Elder & Sister karn