Sunday, February 22, 2009

Guess what! We are moving again. It will be our third place to live on this mission but it is only for the last 6 weeks of our mission. Our replacement senior missionary Military Relations couple will come March 10th. One very nice young airman (Katie - who deployed out today)said we could use her apartment since she will be away a few months. This has saved the mission president a big headache in finding a place for the other couple to live. Katie asked that we be the couple that stay in her apartment since she knows us. And there certainly isn't room here in this apartment for 2 couples. So, in 2 weeks we move out of this apartment just short of being here for one year. The younger missionaries move with so much more ease - just grab the suitcases and go. For us older folks who gather things for comfort it will be a little harder. We see it as a few trips with the car hopefully with some help. And all of these comfort items will not be going home to Utah with us of course. But that sorting will come later.

The result of this move is that we will lose our German mailing address and our Vonage phone number. We may be able to use Katie's Vonage phone but we will have to check on that. After March 7, you will not be able to reach us on our regular Utah phone number. That will be out of service until we get home to Ogden and set all that up again - probably the middle of May would be my guess. We will continue to get email at our regular gmail address:

The other apartment is about 5 miles from here. It is away from most of the conveniences we enjoy here. The new grocery store EDEKA is just around the corner from here but there are also 2 other grocery/variety stores within a few blocks. Our favorite Italian restaurant is also around the corner. The train station is very close also, besides the bank and the post office. At the other apartment it doesn't look like there is much nearby. The challenge is that we will be sharing the car. We figure we will have it 3 days and they will have it 3 days and we will share it on Sunday when we go to meetings together. But that may not be how it will work out. The other couple should have some say. On the days we have the car we will be doing grocery shopping, checking mail, paying taxes, and banking, etc.

In case you are wondering what comfort (absolute necessity) items we have gathered, here are a few: a sewing machine ($5 bargain), electric heater, special neck pillows, CD player, VHS player, office supplies, kitchen ware - special cake pans, etc., books, tools,. . . . and so forth.

We currently have a service project going on with the young single adults. There are some Latter-Day Saints in Hungary that are barely existing on their income. We are told that they have very little. Brother Pele, the facility management service man for our area, visits Hungary about once every year in the Spring and he takes good used clothing to the saints. So far we have quite a few large boxes labeled for Brother Pele. And this comes at a very good time for us as we clean out our closets. Some of us have more clothing than we need (me).

Our APO address will remain the same and we can still pick up our US mail at the post office on the air base.

Speaking of the post office, we are sending you our love and best regards. Have a great week.
Elder & Sister Karn