Sunday, September 28, 2008

This beautifully restored antique tractor was German made from the late 1930s or 1940s, 3 speed forward and 1 reverse with high-low range making 6 forward and two reverse gears. It was on rubber tires but was probably originally on steel. It has a good wide seat that two people can go on. It was probably a 2-cylinder as it sat there idling slowly and popping and vibrating (and mesmerizing Elder Karn).

Pumpkin Fest and Farmers Market in Hitscherhof.

A bed (planted in grass) with 2 huge (like 3 foot long) zucchini - a funny site.

Those delicious grapes that are ripening everywhere!

We were referred to this week as "pastors of their church and they run their own church". This is how we were introduced at the Wounded Warrior Ministry Center by the departing senior chief. That's okay. I think they like us anyway.

We still volunteer every Friday morning at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center WWMC closet where donated goods are given to patients that have been "down range". We are always amazed at the sacrifices so many give. We love them.

Our Young Single Adults program has just rocketed! We have a new Student Council President and she is a fireball. So far we have activities planned for the whole month of October to include 2 movie/game nights (one where we were told to wear stretchy pants!) including a lasagna cook off, 2 potluck dinners with General Conference live broadcasts on Sat. and Sun., a fireside, a Mystery Train Tour, a pumpkin carving activity, and a Halloween Costume Party. Hold onto your hats! She is one of those people that shouldn't eat sugar! But we are excited.

The past 3 days have been sunny and blue skied and in the 60's. We would just like to package those 3 days and pack them away for the gloomy days ahead. There is nothing like opposition to make one appreciate the good. 'Absolutely perfect weather! Yesterday we went to a farmer's market and pumpkin fest in a nearby village. There was even an antique tractor there! We ate pumpkin soup, and flammkuchen and bought freshly bottled alcohol free grape juice, a hard thing to find in this wine county. And it tastes good!

So we have some busy days ahead with the YSA. They are growing on us and we enjoy them so much. They are starting to ask us questions - probably because they are wondering where these two came from! But, if our assignment is to have fun with them that is a very easy job. If we can keep up and stay well that would be super. Right now we are fighting colds. How can one get a cold in such good weather?

May you have just enough cloudy days to appreciate the sunny ones.
Elder and Sister Karn