Sunday, September 7, 2008

Elder Kimball, from Texas, teaching our Conversational German class, held at the Institute every Wednesday at 6 pm. Elder Kimball, our zone leader, was just transferred.

After we fixed the Elders a Mexican lunch, they sang us a hymn to show gratitude. There are some very good voices here - all parts.

Brother John Troke, a retired British Bobby, is our Institute instructor. The class is every Wednesday at 7:30 pm.

This is our district; 6 Elders, and 2 Senior Couples. We have district meeting also every Wednesday.

The Middle Eastern meal we fixed to start off the New Testament Institute course last Wednesday; fish cakes, lentils, flat bread, grapes, tangerines, almonds, date cakes, hommus, olives, grape juice . . .

'Another one one of those weeks when you just keep swinging because the pitches are coming so fast that there is no time to do anything else. Monday we were at a family's home for a Labor Day BBQ with the Young Single Adults. The food was great and then the Young Single Adults did some canoeing on a small lake near the home. The weather was pretty normal for Germany this time of year - it is cloudy and rains and then you might see a few minutes of sun and then we start the cycle all over. Tuesday was a reasonable pace day but then Wednesday came along.

On Wednesday morning we left early for District Meeting with the young missionaries. We had told them that we would bring them lunch. It was a high risk operation because I, Elder Karn, told Pam not to worry about this one and that I would do the cooking. I normally don't use recipes or cookbooks- I just start and put things together. It was a Mexican lunch. They ate it up and then we downed a half gallon of ice cream. (The half gallon was between ten of us not per person - I wasn't going to give them that much!!)

Then Wednesday night Sister Karn did a high speed dinner for the start of the Institute year. We will be studying the New Testament so she made it a "Middle Eastern" dinner. She had worked on it a couple of days and it was a huge success.
Everyone enjoyed the food and the lesson. And the refreshments after the meeting were frosted brownies and that topped the meeting off.

Then we finished the week by working at the hospital on Friday morning and then on Saturday and Sunday were Stake Conference. It was one fast passed week but it was great.

One other side not is that we are in one fantastic district. There are three sets of young missionaries in our district and they are super. They have some of the best meetings and are the most fun to be around. Hopefully they are still our friends after the Mexican dinner!

The WX report ....... It has continued to cool off here and the days are getting shorter. Today we topped out at about 62 degrees and the nights are just above the 50 degree mark. The clouds are often pretty dark and Fall-looking and drop some rain. We may have some more days of "Summer" but I am not sure how many there will be.

We still love home and look forward to seeing all of you in a few short months. Our love to all of you.

Elder & Sister Karn