Sunday, March 30, 2008

March 30, 2008

That little red spot under the bridge in the foreground is our little car. This is a view looking west from the very top of the highest tower at Frauenburg Castle or "Ruine Frauenburg".

Another week has been a blur! Spring has arrived here - well on the calendar it has. We have had more snow the last week and a half than we had had all winter. Then we have had a couple days that have really been Spring. So let me give a quick report of what's been going on in our world.

We did take a couple of hours this last week and went to see a castle that is only about five miles away. It isn't a big castle but perhaps they didn't know it was going to last from the thirteen hundreds until now. There was no one there but us and we had a great time climbing stairs and looking out over the valley. Sister Karn climbed and climbed and almost reached the top. Up, up, up the stairs she went until she almost touched the sky. Well, it seemed that way to her! It was a lot more than the normal "two step high" limit!

On Friday night one of the soldiers that has been coming regularly to our Family Home Evenings and game nights said it was his turn to cook for us. He told us he was going to make hot wings (that had us a little worried about how "hot" was "hot") but the commisary was out of wings so he went for steaks. He bought huge steaks, fruit and dessert. We went for the baked potatoes and vegtable. What a feast we had! And he washes the dishes as he cooks. How cool is that?

Then today two of these wonderful young men showed up at church in new white shirts, ties and dress pants. Hey, we have many returned missionaries that are pretty casual about how they dress. One of them received the Aaronic Priesthood and the other stood in the circle to help ordain him.

One of these young men told me that while they were waiting for the taxi cab to come and pick them up they were talking to another soldier about the gospel and as he stood there he noticed their clothing and he said, "We looked like missionaries." And they are great missionaries. One has passed out six Books of Mormon and talked to many people about the gospel. The other young man has invited many people to join him at our house for dinner and and a great evening. (Many of us could take a page out their book on how to open our mouths.)

Today was probably the last time we will be at church meetings with these guys. We expect to be moving about the seventh or eighth of April and they expect to leave for Iraq about the same time. (Next week is General Conference so we won't be in meetings together again.) We do expect them to be at our home again this Monday and Saturday!

We are sorting through the stuff we need to take with us when we move and the stuff we need to leave behind. It is a job.

Have a great week!
Elder and Sister Karn