Sunday, March 16, 2008

March 16,2008


We know that you probably all have huge care packages that you have ready to send to us but we think you better hold them for just a moment more. Things are moving and shaking here!!!

Did you ever get up and go to the office expecting another normal day and then get totally surprised at the turn of events? We did today!! Yesterday we received a phone call from the Mission President telling us he wanted to meet with us today for a little bit to talk about our "Military Relations" mission and how to reach out to the military folks. Being "subject matter experts" (four months experience on the job is nothing to take lightly) we felt really ready to tell all we know. And that shouldn't take us long.

Right after opening the meeting the Mission President said, "Let me lay this out for you......". With that as an introduction he went on to tell us he wants us to move. In Ramstein there is a couple that have been over what is called an "Out Reach Center". An Out Reach Center, ORC, is a place where young single members and their friends can come and hang out. Lots of the ORCs have ping pong tables, pool tables etc and it is a good clean safe environment for young people to go to. In Ramstein there is also a huge military presence and lots of people to reach out to.

So the Mission President went on to say that he wants to swap the two couples around. The couple in Ramstein would come to Baumholder and we would go to Ramstein. We have the "Military Relations" training (four hours worth)and some experience so we could reach out to the military folks and could also be in charge of the ORC.

We came here with two suitcases each but its not the same old game any more! We(especially me) are really good at dragging things home and with the Germans having "junk days" and throwing out good things we do very well! We have gained a lot of things in just four months!! Junking is a blast and junking day is coming up again next week! Moving now will be a huge operation when a fellow doesn't have a pickup truck!

We have always and hope to always do whatever we are asked whenever we are asked. If that is where the Lord wants us - then that is where we want to be. Our answer was simply, "When does this happen President?" It will happen in two to three weeks - about the same time the troops deploy! The other couple will be here to take care of the wives and children left behind.

Baumholder isn't much of a speck on the map and not often heard of outside of a small Army circle of infantry people but we have loved it and much more - we have loved the people! We shed a tear as we move on! We feel a little of what Ammon must have felt when he didn't get to go back and teach King Lamoni's father. He was called "another way" to do another work. We are called "another way".

Ramstein is one of those places that you hear about. It is a huge Air Force base where many injured fly into for treatment before going on to the states. So there is a very large hospital in the area as well as the Air Force Base and several other Army and Air Force Bases. We will be working with two military wards and one German ward.

To put it mildly - we are in way over our heads!!! Only the Lord could possibly help us through this assignment! It would be very nice if you kindly remembered us in your prayers! We need all the help we can get.

So in the next couple of three weeks our physical address will change, our mailing address will change, some of our phone numbers (German) will change, our assignments will change, our branch will change, but we are extremely grateful that we will have the same companion!!!

We love all of you and remember you in our prayers! We will keep you informed as things develop!

Elder & Sister Karn