Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunday, Sept. 4, 2011

The height of the corn in Nauvoo

State Capital in Springfield, Illinnois. On our last full Preparation day (evening included) we took a 3 hour drive to Springfield to see the Lincoln sites. It was well worth it.

The stove where Mary Todd Lincoln cooked breakfast

Lincoln sat here

The Lincoln family lived here in this house for 17 years in Springfield, Il

Hi folks,

Well things have slowed a bit in Old Nauvoo! The past two weeks we have not had nearly as many visitors as we had been having over the summer. The other side of that story is that the number of missionaries has started dropping. In the middle of August the young performing missionaries left and then the young sister missionaries have started going down in numbers. In August we lost more senior missionaries than we gained and in September there will be a drop of about thirty more. Then October arrives and we will be part of almost forty that will be pulling out! After that the numbers will be really low here! During the winter not nearly as many people come a-visitin! Every since we have been here there have been three casts performing the shows. Now that summer is over the only nightly show going is the "Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo" so each cast does it two nights per week. My guess is that some time in October they will have to go to two casts and perform every other night.

Last night we had two shows of Rendezvous which has been the only night in a week we needed to do two shows. And last night was our first night of playing "Jed and Annie" in the show. It was scarey but we did it!

We have learned that Pam's coughing problems here seem to be due to allergies. She appears to be allergic to more things than she thought. But by watching what she eats she has been doing very little coughing and that has made things much better for her.

The weather report - June was very wet and since then we have had very little rain (rain would appear on the weather radar and when it got close to us it would go north or south of us or just disappear) and boy has it been hot. Yesterday a cold front went through and today has been the first comfortable day we have had in quite a while. But the corn is looking good and the soybeans look good! There are acres and acres of those two crops here and not much else.

I guess that's the news from Nauvoo!

Elder & Sister Karn