Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Is it really 24 July 2011? Wow the time blazes by when you are rocking and rolling every day! The month of July in Nauvoo is a blurr. There are so many activities going on and so many visitors here that even in normal times there wouldn't be any down time but this July has brought some additional challenges. Supposedly each summer folks here get the "Nauvoo crud". The Nauvoo crud is sore throat and coughing which may get worse and it comes back time after time. People have it for a while and then feel better and then get it again. Well this July it has really plaqued the seniors. Normally we are packed on stage during some of the big numbers in our shows but the last few weeks we have felt a little lonesome on the stage because we have had so many folks out sick. And many days we have to change assignments because so many folks are out sick and some sites have had to close early because we are so short on people. Sister Karn had a real bout with the crud but seems to be on the mend now.

The big heat wave has also been here in Nauvoo. All the days this past week were in the 90s and the heat index was over 100 and on some days reached well past 100 into the teens. On some of those days we had outside assignments and boy was it hot in pioneer clothing! The great show "Sunset By the Mississippi" had to be moved to the inside stage and the room only seats 250 so some folks don't get to see the show.

The pictures we were going to attach don't seem to want to cooperate and attach! Did anyone else ever have technology problems? We sure love technology when it works but when it lets us down we sure are lost!

So folks - all is going well in Nauvoo and we are rolling rapidly and happily down the road of this time of service.

We love you all - God speed dear friends!

Elder & Sister Karn