Sunday, November 16, 2008

English is a Germanic language and there are quite a few similarities, like the days of the week, months, numbers, etc. There are differences also. One of the differences is the way the Germans stack their words together. For instance, the number 4678 is four thousand six hundred seventy eight but in German the word for 4678 is viertausendsechshundertachtundsiebzig. Translated directly that is four thousand six hundred eight and seventy. English is probably a harder language to learn for a non-English speaker than German, because of so many inconsistencies and different pronunciations for the same spelling or groups of vowels (cough and bough). Yet, German is a hard language to learn and pronounce even though there are more consistent rules for pronunciation. Our German teachers, the young missionary elders, have told us that even some Germans do not speak correct German because it is just too hard. Whew, it isn't just us!

We learned a lot about local German history on Friday evening as we took a tour with the young single adults to Homburg. This was a "Off to America with the Night Watchman" organized tour sponsored by the town of Homburg, which is located about 30 minutes to the south west from us. In 1781 the German-French infantry regiment known as "Royal Deux-Ponts" (2 bridges - or Zweibrucken, a nearby town)were recruited to be a part of the American Revolutionary War. We had a history lesson, ate some food particular to the times (Cod and potatoes and dark bread), and then toured the old city in the evening guided by the light of a night watchman dressed in period costume of the French army who also carried an authentic flint-lock musket from the 18th century. We were also escorted by two German-French soldiers in period costumes. The French and German troops played a decisive part in the battle of Yorktown. We were fascinated by the history and how the French Revolution followed suit after the troops returned home. We had a fun and interesting time. Fortunately it was a relatively warm evening if we dressed well.

This looks like a great week ahead as we have two volunteer chefs among the young single adult student council presidency that will be cooking the meals for Monday and Wednesday evenings. This is a great help to us. All we have to take care of is dessert and making homemade pizza for Movie and Pizza Night this coming Friday. Today we had a student council meeting and the month of December is all planned for activities, etc. We admire their never-ending creativity and energy. It is great to be with them.

We hope you all will have a great Thanksgiving, especially with friends and family. We hope you will pause to remember those who are away from home and family who are sacrificing so that all of us can enjoy the blessings of freedom.

We are thankful for you.
Elder & Sister Karn