Sunday, August 24, 2008

TO ALL: Greetings from Germany!! Here are the things I'm sure you all want to know.

Most of the crops are harvested now and the hours of sunlight are getting shorter. The nights are cooler and it looks like soon we will be back to the damp and cold weather. Days top out around 65-75 and the nights go down to 50-60. (Some of you have come to expect a weather and crop report and so I thought you should have one.) I always enjoy traveling though the heartland of America and see the evening news brought to you by seed, fertilizer, and farm equipment ads. There are places where crops and farms are tops.

Anyway, things are moving along here. Dear Sister Karn has had a very busy week of creating things. Yesterday we went to the on base (The Air Force has "bases" and the Army has "posts", "forts" and "camps") and found the Craft Center. I covered the place in about five minutes and was done looking but she got bogged down in crafty things and took a bit longer. Part of the week she has worked on invitations for the start of the new Institute year. Personalized invitations have gone out to all of the Young single Adults. She has spent many hours putting them together. I thought it best to let her run wild in the "art-sy" stuff so I did the dishes and worked on the laundry or any other task that needed to be done. The Craft Center gave her more ideas!

There are some very special Young Single Adults we are working with right now. Some of them we are losing to school as they head out for the states. Three will be heading out for missions over the next three months. One gets deployed this week and still others will soon be leaving the military or moving on to a new assignment. One of the things about being in the military or working with them is that the change is often and comes when you just get to know them. What we can't see is down the road and see who is coming in. Wonderful people come and wonderful ones go.

German school children went back to school two weeks ago. We see them coming and going wearing back packs just like in the states. Some ride the train and some ride public buses. The schools on the military bases start this coming week.

It's hard to believe that we have been gone from home for ten months. This past week we passed over another month and now we have just a couple of days under eight months left. In the military we would express our time left as "seven months and change". We have a lot to do in those few days ahead so we will be busy. We wish all the very best. May your days be filled with work that makes you happy and blesses you and those around you!


Elder and Sister Karn